Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Home Improvement Project

2011 means the start of putting my plans into action, my home improvement plans. I bought this small house that is in the heart of Sydney. And I'm beginning to collect all the stuff that will make this my humble but yet cozy abode. I have started listing down contractor companies and talking with family, friends and co-workers who can recommend contractors. I have a blurry plan as of now as to how exactly things would turn out. But I'm sure I can easily see things clearly once I get to find my contractor and designer. Do you have tips for me?

I'm going to post the tips I gather from my research. I hope you can help me, too. 

Home of Home Stuff

Yes folks. This is my journey towards finding everything that makes a home nice and cozy. Tips, product reviews, news about home improvement, and what have yous. Just everything that makes a home warm and lovely! I hope I get to learn or thing or two from my readers, too.